ERP systems

Your key to greater efficiency, improved productivity and competitiveness

ERP systems are the core element of future-oriented companies, as they seamlessly integrate and optimize all business processes. In this way, they simplify the interaction between purchasing, production, logistics, accounting and sales. It makes no difference whether, for example, items are purchased via central warehouses, shipping is automated via logistics service providers or products are sold via online marketplaces.

With our ERP applications, you can make the best possible use of your company’s resources – for more growth, efficiency, productivity and competitive strength.

Everything but standard – the right ERP system for every industry

Many business sectors require special functions, business practices or cooperation models. And this is precisely why we offer industry-specific ERP solutions with interfaces that are customized to the individual requirements of specific business sectors.

 Our ERP solutions

ERP solutions for B2B trade

Whether for technical wholesale, the HVAC industry, the steel trade or for electrical wholesale – the eNVenta ERP business software supports your digitalization strategy and provides all the tools for fast communication channels and continuous process chains.

ERP solutions for fashion & lifestyle

From design to sales, production, procurement and logistics up to the end consumer – the DIAMOD ERP system has been developed mainly for the fashion and textile industry and combines all areas into a consistent and transparent process. 

Our ERP solutions. Your advantages.

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The enventa Group 

We are a software group that supports around 4,000 companies and groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with 220 experts. With industry-specific ERP applications and other intelligent software solutions, we optimize business and financial processes and pave the way for sustainable growth.
We ensure the basis for sustainable digital transformation and future success for companies.

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